*Superbloom is not affiliated directly with Y-Combinator, although many portfolio companies and accelerator partners are ex YC Founders


Superbloom Capital takes the Y-Combinator approach of accelerating companies to their ICO. We’re a team of venture funded founders, blockchain experts, and investors with the goal of creating a founder-friendly environment and eco-system to launch thousands of future companies. SEED is the token and members network that supports SuperBloom companies.

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Based in SOMA, San Francisco, CA.  

San Francisco Based Accelerator for ICO Blockchain Startups

We believe in blockchain technologies that can create massive network effects to overthrow entire incumbent industries and founders who are just 'crazy' enough to execute and think they can.

- Emmie Chang, Founder, Managing Partner

Company 5

  Revealed on Demo Day

Company 1

Disintermediating data to create a more efficient advertising and media ecosystem

Founders: Ex CTO of Zynga, and veteran entrepreneur, NYC

Revealed on Demo Day

Digital rights management marketplace for memes and influencers. We reviewed dozens of cat trees to identify the best of the best, based on Amazon reviews

Founders: Ex Stanford and StartX, powers the memes for Facebook, SF


Freight and logistics blockchain to create more efficiency for local transportation

Founders: Operations managers of companies who use freight, NYC

Additional Companies To Be Announced on Demo Day

AR Gaming Platform for Unity developers with virtual land ownership

Founders: Developed multiple games with >100M users, ex YC Founder, San Diego 

  Revealed on Demo Day

Clinical trial protocol blockchain to manage and fund unlimited future clinical trials

Founders: M.D. with an FDA approved clinical trial molecule, team sold multiple wellness companies prior, SF

Company 4

Entertainment and stadium ticketing and rights management blockchain

Founders: Runs 35 artist e-commerce sites (Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, etc) Built ticketing platform, ex YC Founder, SF

  Revealed on Demo Day 

Company 2

SEED Token Sale 8/17/2017 | ICO Before the end of 2017

Company 3

  Revealed on Demo Day

Company 6

  Revealed on Demo Day 

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- Richard Titus  -

Managing Partner

Previous Ed-Tech entrepreneur and Y-Combinator backed founder

B.S.E.E. Rice University, MBA Texas

Venture Partner

15 years’ experience in operating and investment environments 

- Emmie Chang -

A Diversified Team of Tech and Blockchain Entrepreneurs

Operating Partner

Global senior executive (CxO) with 20+ years in digital transformation

Managing Partner

Previous tech venture investor and NEA backed Founder CEO

Math Columbia, MBA Wharton

- Team  -

- Kenzi Wang  -

Accelerator Partner

Previous YC Founder, Blockchain builder, MIT Aerospace Engineering

- Jeremy Gardner  -

Advisors Revealed on 8/24

Venture Associate

EIR at Blockchain capital, 

Co-founder of Augur

- Richard Hecker  -

- Brandon Le  -

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What does SuperBloom do to help companies?

No, SEED is a smart contract that allows the holder to access a company's pre-ICO tokens. It holds no equity value and is not a security.

The ICO fundraising model lacks a framework and is shrouded in legal uncertainties. Superbloom Capital takes the Y-Combinator approach of vetting and taking blockchain-based startups to their ICO phase, providing business model, legal, marketing, and seed investment support in the incubation phase. Superbloom provides access to the blockchain industry's leading researchers and architects, expertise in structuring ICOs, high net worth investor capital, and networking opportunities with other quality, vetted startups.

We help companies develop their ideas for blockchain companies, and assist them with product, marketing, team dynamics, and thinking through industry network effects. We believe in founders who are mission driven enough to take their ideas to reality while being flexible and nimble to adjust to market conditions.

- FAQ -

What is the Superbloom business model?

Are you part of Y-Combinator or affiliated?

*Applications to  buy tokens and attend Demo Day will be sent via email

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Is SEED equity or is considered a security? 

Why would I buy SEED and not just buy tokens directly from the company?

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Submit your information and we'll send you an application to see if you qualify to purchase SEED tokens. We are seeking individuals who believe in our mission and want to be part of our community. Join us and apply now!

Superbloom's Mission is to grow the Crypto Asset Market-Cap by working with entrepreneurs to launch the next generation of blockchain companies

SEED gives token purchasers the ability to support companies at an early stage, pre-ICO, so that companies can get the resources in place to start executing before the ICO. Most of these companies have been in business for over a year and have been building product and aligning stakeholders for some time prior to the pre-ICO. SEED also gives token buyers a 20% bonus and guaranteed access to the company when they offer their pre-sale for an ICO. This gives token holders an incentive to get in early and to support the teams! Our teams want lots of help from the community, and we would love for you to join us!

No. Superbloom team members previously started companies that were backed by Y-Combinator and some of our batch participants are also founders of YC backed companies. Learn more about Y-Combinator.

About Us

Superbloom Capital is on a mission to launch a new generation of blockchain startups that can disrupt and leapfrog existing industries. We are a combination of a venture fund, accelerator, investment bank, and fund manager launching the SEED token, based in San Francisco, California.

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