Matic Crypto: What is it and How to Use it

Matic is a sidechain-based scaling solution for public blockchains that uses an adapted form of Plasma to provide scalability without compromising on decentralization or security. In this post, we will give an overview of Matic and how it works, as well as provide some guidance on how to use it.

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Matic Crypto is a unique cryptocurrency that allows users to transact through a secure, decentralized platform. It is based on the blockchain technology and utilizes a specialized system called the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. This makes it different from other digital currencies which use the more common Proof-of-Work consensus model.

What is Matic Crypto?

Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieved a throughput of 65,000+ TPS in its testnet. Matic Network’s mainnet is now live with complete staking facilities and several biggest DeFi applications built on Matic Network. Notable projects include Polygon, Aave, Maker, Gelato,, amongst several others. Matic Network is secured by the Plasma framework with the assumption that at least one third of all validators are honest nodes. This security guarantee is similar to Ethereum’s proof-of-stake model.

How to Use Matic Crypto

Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that utilizes plasma architecture and a decentralized network of PoS validators. Matic aims to enable faster and cheaper transactions on the Ethereum network by providing developers with an easy to use SDK for building dapps on Matic’s platform.

In order to use Matic, developers first need to install the SDK and then connect their dapp to the Matic Network. Once connected, developers can choose to deploy their dapp on Matic’s mainnet or testnet.

Mainnet: The mainnet is the live Ethereum network where users can interact with your dapp and conduct transactions.

Testnet: The testnet is used for testing your dapp before deploying it on the mainnet. Transactions conducted on the testnet are not real and do not cost any ETH.

To get started, developers need to first create a wallet and then deposit ETH into it. They can then use this ETH to gas their transactions on Matic’s network. Once they have completed their transaction, they can withdraw their ETH back into their wallet.

Matic also provides developers with an explorer, which allows them to view all past transactions and track their progress. The explorer also provides information on gas fees, block times, and more.


Matic Crypto is a new type of cryptocurrency that is designed to be used on the Matic Network. The Matic Network is a decentralized platform that allows for the processing of transactions using Ethereum smart contracts. Matic Crypto is a ERC20 token that is used to pay transaction fees on the Matic Network.

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