What Is Slp Crypto?

Summary. The virtual money used in the Axie Infinity gaming metaverse is called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Players may use it to breed Axies, which are collectable virtual pets. SLP tokens are being traded on cryptocurrency exchanges because to the increased demand for them.

Similarly, Is SLP crypto a good investment?

SLP is a poor investment for a one-year period, according to WalletInvestor, who concurs with CoinCodex. According to its SLP coin price forecast, the token’s value will continue to decline in 2022 and will reach $0.0006 in a year.

Also, it is asked, Will SLP value go up?

Future Value Forecasts for Smooth Love Potion (SLP) in General The token, however, has been afflicted by a negative trend since its high in July 2021, and it is unlikely that this trend will reverse in the first half of 2022. Due to this, many SLP price projections have a dim view of the currency’s future.

Secondly, What is the future of SLP coin?

Investors have previously predicted that the currency will hit its all-time high of USD 0.15 by 2023. Even USD 0.2 was mentioned in some instances. By the end of 2022, the currency is likely to trade for roughly USD 0.10, nevertheless.

Also, How do I convert SLP to cash?

You may now sell your SLP on P2P and get payment via Gcash or to the bank account of your choice. To access P2P, choose “Trade” from the menu at the top of the page, then click “P2P.” Select “Sell,” then choose your preferred coin, to sell your SLP or USDT through P2P. Put the amount in pesos (PHP)

People also ask, How do you cash out a SLP to USD?

Go to Uniswap if you wish to sell it, 3:044:34360 sop. Exchange click here to access version two. If you want to sell it, More360 Sop, you need go to Uniswap. Exchange click here to access version two. Connect it to the token you wish to choose for your meta mask right here. You should also paste the token.

Related Questions and Answers

Can SLP reach 1 $?

There won’t likely be any significant declines in the value of the currency. According to some analysts, SLP may only be worth $1 next year, but by the end of 2025, it may be worth $5. Everything relies on market shifts, the state of politics right now, and how well-liked the game is.

Who buys SLP?

It is now open for trading. You may now visit Uniswap, the only location where you can buy or sell SLP at the moment.

Why is SLP so low?

A mismatch between the token’s supply and demand is causing SLP to decline.

Will SLP go up PHP?

News about cryptocurrency: SLP price is rising and is anticipated to rise after the Ronin update! Before, Php 1.9+ was now Php 2.81.

How much SLP can you earn in a day?

You may get a maximum of 100 SLP per day in PVE. Consequently, you may make a minimum of 150 SLP every day with all seriousness. It’s a fun game, really. Because you can make money from it, it’s much more enjoyable.

Can I convert SLP to GCash?

SLP to GCash Balance Conversion Using Binance P2P Click the Transfer button above after you have your tokens in your Fiat and Spot wallets. Select SLP as your coin, enter the desired quantity, then transfer your SLPs from Fiat and Spot to Funding. Once transferred, choose Orders > P2P Order from the top menu.

When can you withdraw SLP?

Recently, SLP and Ronin AXS token withdrawals and deposits were made possible. The Ronin network started accepting withdrawals last September. With this, managers and players may now deposit or withdraw their AXS and SLP with just a little gas cost.

How do I cash out my SLP to coins Philippines?

How to transfer funds from a Ronin Wallet to Coins.ph in AXS and SLP Step 1: Log into your Coins.ph account, then pick Receive from the Crypto Portfolio menu. Step 2: Tap Receive, then choose either Smooth Love Potion or Axie Infinity Shards. Choose Ronin as your network in step three. Choose Show my AXS/SLP address in step four.

How many dollars is 1000 SLP?

5.175 USD

How much is a dollar in SLP?

The current SLP to USD exchange rate is $0.00523119, up 0.7 percent from yesterday’s rate of $0.005197284075.

How many SLP coins are there?

What number of SLP coins exist? There are presently 3.76 billion SLP coins in circulation, an ERC-20 token. SLP currency does not have a hard cap, in contrast to other currencies like Bitcoin. There is thus no maximum supply.

When was SLP coin launched?

Start Date for the token. API ID 42859Ticker SymbolSLP Platform:EthereumMineableNo

How much is SLP in the Philippines today?

The current SLP to PHP exchange rate is 0.2674, down 2.58 percent from the previous day.

How do you farm SLP fast?

2:2210:35 By ingesting the appropriate quantity of energy prior, you must take advantage of these replenishments. By ingesting the correct quantity of energy prior to the hour of the refill, you may take advantage of these replenishments. These won’t stack when they come.

Does SLP burn?

Although it permits players to just burn the SLP, there is no incentive to do so. Once the SLP is burnt, it is permanently lost. The SLP Burn tool was requested by the competition organizers, the dev team claims.

How do you get a SLP token?

Players must defeat artificially intelligent creatures in “adventure mode” or compete against other players in “arena mode” to earn SLP in the game. Players will get prizes in the form of experience points and SLP tokens for winning in any of these situations.

How do I convert SLP to Eth?

1:1410:33 You don’t need to withdraw it and then sell it using ethereum to get access to their own network. You don’t have to withdraw it and then sell it via ethereum; you have access to their own network instead. then make the absurd payment. If you are a scholar, you may do it for a fee on their own network.

How do I withdraw my SLP from Binance to my bank account?

0:0010:11 Your money belongs to you. You must first claim your tokens from Uh Ronin in order to purchase nothing. oh, forward Your money belongs to you. You must first claim your tokens from Uh Ronin in order to purchase nothing. You can see claim tokens on the left. To accept the transaction, click on the claim slp button.

How do you cash a SLP in a Binance?

How Can SLP Be Deposited Into Binance P2P? Click “Wallet” and then “Fiat and Spot” on your Binance dashboard. In the search box, enter “SLP.” Choose a network. Note down the deposit address. Sign in to your Ronin account in a separate window. Paste the deposit address after selecting SLP on your Ronin dashboard.

Does SLP expire?

Even when the duplication or replication was not performed, backup images controlled by Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) are being tagged as complete or may really expire.

Can I use SLP for gas fee?

Players may now exchange SLP for AXS, ETH, or USDC with only RON thanks to Sky Mavis’ introduction of Katana Swap, however as was already mentioned, doing so will result in gas costs.


Slp Crypto is a prediction that can be made by the Slp Crypto algorithm. The algorithm uses historical data to make predictions on future price movements.

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